A professional and efficient customer communication with modern technology is the key to success - this applies to small and large enterprises as well. Today customers expect a direct and fast service response via phone, e-mail, Web etc. Quick responses have become crucial for the market success. A well-designed enterprise communication process must reflect customers communication behavior. A swift and direct response leads automatically to a higher satisfaction. To bring all Cisco®’s Unified Communications Manager (UCM/UCME/BEXk/HCS) to its full potential the Callisto Enterprise platform offers important features, which enhances the capabilities of the base product, to improve your daily processes and work-flow. It integrates itself easily into the whole IP- and telephony infrastructure, which makes operations and use very easy and effortless to handle.

External Call Control

Decide what should happen with a call even before a connection is established. Accept, block or redirect calls based on time, caller- and called number.

Play announcements or start an app before the call is put trough.


Interactive Voice Response

Guide your incoming callers with the professional IVR Service and even provide your own voice self-services.

Call Center Service

A tailored Call Center solution for small and large businesses. Customized settings made easy.

Voice Mail Service

Integrated comprehensive Voice Mail System to complete Callisto’s communication functions.

Voice Recording Service

In- and outgoing calls are recorded, either permanently or initiated ad hoc, no matter whether you decide to record the call at the beginning or at the end. Recorded calls are securely stored on Callisto or on a ftp-server.

COC- Callisto Operator Console / CTI

The most flexible and intuitive Operator Console to handle incoming calls most effectively. Can even be used as a CTI client.

ACD Service

Callisto’s Automatic Call Distribution Module is handling, monitoring and dispatching all your calls with ease.

Directory Service

Integrated, synchronized Directory Service to use company directories for click-to-call, Web or phone search, show caller at phone display or even to use VIP persons in applications.

Hospitality Services

Provides not only a complete interaction with Hotel-PMS system, it offers many different hotel application as well. Callisto can be even enhanced to a full Guest Services platform interacting with entire Entertainment & Room control system and more, to control everything from just one mobile device.

Open Application Manager

Integrate tailored apps or even create your own. Bring them into Callisto in only a few steps.

Conference Room Service

Virtual Conference Room Service to easily invite or meet people at any time. Simply control the meeting room via Web.

Manager Assistant

A helpful Manager service that allows one or many Assistants to answer and manage calls from one or many Managers and connect them to the principal if available. Status is shown on phone display.

Reporting Service

Enhance your queue or call management, minimize waiting times, improve the call distribution by keeping control of all your traffic with the Callisto reporting and analysis tool.

MA - Group

See the real time status of all group members on your phone. Transfer, redirect and pick up calls to or from the team.

Fax Service

Easy and efficient way of handling all your faxes. Integrated into Microsoft® Fax Service. Send faxes out of any Microsoft® based program, Callisto Web, E-Mail system or MFP.Incoming faxes can be distributed to Microsoft® Fax Service, E-Mail or Callisto Web.

Alarming Service

Flexible Alarming Service to alarm or inform a single or a group of persons fast, efficient and easy. The service can be used to invoke an evacuation, to convene squads or to inform groups. It can send text- and voice messages to phone, mobiles, DECT-phones, fax, e-mail, SMS-services, person search systems.

Callisto Mobile

The Callisto Enterprise platform based Frame Application offers a bunch of modules which enhances the usage of must-have communication applications.

Callisto UCM

The multi-purpose Application and Collaboration Platform...


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Founded in 1997 and incorporated in Switzerland, CTModule AG specializes in communication and information technology and maintains a wide range of proven solutions in this field. The Company is focused on Enterprise Communication and Hospitality & Guest Service solutions. CTModule is a “Preferred Solutions Partner” of Cisco® Systems and a member of “Swiss Made Software”.

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