Callisto Cruise with its smart platform architecture offers an open way for Ocean Carriers to swiftly, flexibly, reliably and cost-efficiently fulfilling server centric standard application needs as well as individual customer requirements on Cruising ships. The modular Callisto Cruise applications concept provides the appropriate functionality for the specific requirements of a Carrier.


Not only standard applications can be executed on the Callisto Cruise Platform but even from Ocean Carrier individual requested, specific solutions. Additional applications - or even interfaces to newly added environmental systems - can be uploaded to the Callisto Cruise Platform at any time without leaving the Callisto Cruise versioning path.


The individual application is a part of the Callisto Cruise user interface and can be used and managed with the same look and feel as all the other applications without any additional training.


Innovation has always played an important role in the Cruises and tourism business. Identifying trends is a must for active hoteliers determined in achieving long-term success vis-à-vis international competition. “World goes Mobile” is one of the most recent trends to have affected the Cruises, hotel and resorts industry in a number of ways: Information can be accessed through mobile websites, interactive hotel-apps can be downloaded onto smart phones, hotel staff can serve the client via mobile terminals, etc.


This is for instance precisely the direction the management of the renowned Dolder Grand in Zurich focused on. Based on CTModule’s proven Callisto-technology the upgraded Callisto hospitality platform has been integrated and linked to five different Dolder Grand systems.


As a result, the CTModule hospitality platform has become the central and pivotal data point for all important data and information regarding hotel/guest interaction. Thanks to the interaction of the easy to handle CTModule frame application, “Callisto mobile”, functions and modules can now be activated in accordance with the requirements of the respective hotel on its own layout.


Module Cruise Base, incl. PMS interface, Check-In / Check-Out, Cabin and Roles Management, Time Zone, Billing, Reporting

Modul VoiceMail and Office VoiceMail Service

Modul PreRecorded VoiceMail Service

Modul Wake-up Service

Modul Baby Monitoring Service

Modul Maid Service

Modul Alarming (ESPA)

Modul FirePatrol/WatchmanRoute

Modul Diversion Service

Modul Red Manning Mode

Modul SMCS Interface Alarm

Modul PINCodeTelephony

Modul CallCenter

Modul VoiceRecording

Modul Operator Console

And many more

Callisto Mobile

Do you have customers looking for their own SIP-Client and Chat solution on Smartphones or do you have Callisto customers searching for the possibility to use Callisto functions on their Smartphones? Callisto Mobile for Enterprise & Hospitality solutions is the answer. The Callisto platform based Frame Application offers a bunch of modules which enhances the usage of must-have communication applications.

The Callisto Mobile Frame App concept offers the possibility to license different modules on the basis of customers individual needs. Callisto Mobile modules can be SIP Telephony and Chat client, Directory Service, Small Desktop Client for Callisto CallCenter and many more.

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Fast innovation cycles, efficient processes, safety and reliability on board are key-points for a sustainable, profitable and responsible Cruises business. Professional internal communication and effective communication to customers can make the difference between a successful and an insufficient Ocean Carrier. CTModule’s Callisto Cruise Platform will help shipping companies to address innovation, efficient processes, safety and reliability on board as well as sustainability, profitability and responsibility in an unrivaled, unique manner.

MS EUROPA - Your Most Beautiful Yacht in the World


«Small but nice, » is a short description of the EUROPA, which has been awarded the title “5-star-plus” for the 17th time in a row by the Berlitz Cruise Guide. On the way to the most beautiful destinations in the world, the EUROPA combines traditional luxury of a classic cruise in the small circle of a maximum of 400 guests with the highest standards in service and gastronomy.

The characteristics and predicates of the EUROPA as well as the strategy of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fits perfectly with the strategy and product of CTModule: Both partners have very high standards and quality requirements, making their products belong to the world’s best. «Callisto Cruise from CTModule is one of the most reliable systems on board, » says Paul Goldbeck, Director IT / QM at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. «In the luxury segment of the EUROPA, not only the product, but also the support service has to be exceptional. This is 100% guaranteed with CTModule, » Mr. Goldbeck continues. As a Middleware and Application Platform, Callisto Cruise takes over Communication and Guest Interaction tasks at EUROPA. In a partnership Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and CTModule, are constantly working on current topics and looking for new, innovative guest solutions and process simplifications. Overall, the use of Callisto Cruise at the EUROPA gives for Guests, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and CTModule a WIN-WIN-WIN relationship.


Paul Goldbeck, Head of IT / QM - Hapag Lloyd Cruises

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