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CTModule AG

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Jürg F. Fund


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Berne-Belp (Switzerland)


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Lehnweg 1

CH-3123 Belp/Berne

T: +41 (0)31 531 11 11

F: +41 (0)31 531 11 12

Sales&Support GERMANY


Frankfurter Straße 92

D-65760 Eschborn/Frankfurt

T: +49 (0)6196 2049173-0

F: +49 6196 2049 173-9



Founded in 1997 and incorporated in Switzerland, CTModule AG specializes in communication and information technology and maintains a wide range of proven solutions in this field. The Company is focused on Enterprise Communication and Hospitality & Guest Service solutions. CTModule is a “Preferred Solutions Partner” of Cisco® Systems and a member of “Swiss Made Software”.

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