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The Callisto Platform is designed for Communication and Guest Interaction Solutions in the fields of Managed Services and Vertical Solutions based on Cisco® Infrastructure.


The multi-purpose Application and Collaboration Platform...



In recent years, the market environment has changed dramatically for Telecommunication Providers (ITSP’s) and System Integrators (SI’s). Both market partners are forced to offer tailor-made, cost-efficient and innovative solutions to their customer segments, which in turn enable them to achieve a sustainable margin on the basis of recurring revenues. A sustainable margin with recurring income can basically be achieved with the following two models:

• Managed Services and

• Vertical Solutions.

The challenge of the ITSP‘s and SI‘s in the development of a Managed Service or a Vertical Solution consist essentially of the following aspects:

• Know the market and market requirements and develop Business plan

• Specify and elaborate tailor-made solution, which is internally cost-effective and externally attractive

• Find partner who can implement the solution technically and commercially

• Define and implement processes

• Define and implement marketing and sales tasks.

Callisto is more than a Product

CTModule‘s All-In Service for Callisto is already starting with the support of the market partner in the development of the market requirements of the defined segment and the plan figures for the required business plan. Based on the comprehensive experience of CTModule in various markets, the value adds for the partner and the planned service is guaranteed. In an intensive exchange with the market partner, the tailor-made solution, which is internally cost-effective and externally attractive, is developed. In that context, the Callisto Middleware and Application Platform plays a central role.

Especially Developed for «Managed Services» and «Vertical Solutions»

Exactly these market concepts «Managed Services» and «Vertical Solutions» served as a model for the development of the Callisto platform. The focus of the development was:


• Simplicity

• Flexibility

• Quality and

• Cost Efficiency.

Callisto for Managed Service and Vertical Solutions

Callisto supports Managed Services and Vertical Solutions in different Go to Market models: hosted/cloud and premises based. The Callisto Platform offers plenty of Applications, such as:


• Fax Server

• Operator Console

• CallCenter Solution

• VoiceRecording Service

• Manager Assistant

• Alarming Server

• External Call Control

• VoiceMail Solution

• Directory Service

• Virtual Conference Room

• Guest Service Solution

...and more...


and even individual and Vertical Solutions, such as:


• Guest Services

• Cruise Solutions

...and more...

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Founded in 1997 and incorporated in Switzerland, CTModule AG specializes in communication and information technology and maintains a wide range of proven solutions in this field. The Company is focused on Enterprise Communication and Hospitality & Guest Service solutions. CTModule is a “Preferred Solutions Partner” of Cisco® Systems and a member of “Swiss Made Software”.

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