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Our General Terms & Conditions (GTC)

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Please find the following general conditions about our products and services for your information.  We aim to create clear and transparent partnerships.

General Terms & Conditions (GTC) CTModule AG


The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the entering into, the content and the performances in particular of contracts for the sale of goods by CTModule AG to customers / resellers / distributors, our customers.


Our current GTC : GTC CTModule Products [pdf]

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F: +41 (0)31 531 11 12

Sales&Support GERMANY


Frankfurter Straße 92

D-65760 Eschborn/Frankfurt

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F: +49 6196 2049 173-9



Founded in 1997 and incorporated in Switzerland, CTModule AG specializes in communication and information technology and maintains a wide range of proven solutions in this field. The Company is focused on Enterprise Communication and Hospitality & Guest Service solutions. CTModule is a “Preferred Solutions Partner” of Cisco® Systems and a member of “Swiss Made Software”.

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